How to Use a Rephrasing Tool to Avoid Committing Plagiarism

As years went on, professors and teachers have become a lot more adept in preventing students from cheating. Using sites like Turnitin and Copyscape, they manage to bust thousands of unsuspecting essays every year.

Sometimes, you’re not even copying on purpose and the professors’ tools will pick anything up as possible plagiarism. The solution lies in using an online paraphrasing tool on EssayOnTime. Let’s take a look at this effective way of achieving academic success.

What is a paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool can be defined as a software or service that alters the form of content but doesn’t alter its meaning. The words are completely different and original, while there are no changes to the meaning and the same point remains intact. A lot of different people can use it, for example:

  • Marketing experts have a great need for paraphrasing tools when they’re writing new content from a source they’re not allowed to copy. It gives them the opportunity to have original copy and texts for campaigns, all while avoiding copyright infringement.
  • Students often deal with professors and their unrealistic demands. Most of this is due to anti-plagiarism software becoming smart when faced with detecting copied content. Instead of bringing fairness to the education systems, these tools mark any sequence of three words as plagiarism.
  • This makes it impossible to write a good essay or assignment. There are common phrases and expressions that are much longer than three words, so this makes getting a good grade unattainable.
  • Professionals from multiple industries need paraphrase tools to write original projects and to accommodate their writing to the demands of the situation. Sometimes, they write a report or a project but don’t have time to put in the right form.

The future of education is in digitization and automation. No longer will students have to face the harsh reality of their research papers being rejected just because some AI has a faulty algorithm.

You deserve the best possible chances to succeed, so you have every right to use good paraphrasing software academic writing tool to achieve your goals. EssayOnTime offers an excellent choice.

How to use the paraphrasing tool online on EssayOnTime?

Because EssayOnTime specializes in online paraphrasing, you can use the tool in two different ways. We will explain both to you in crisp detail.

  • The first method that you can use paraphrasing software is to write content before you send it to EssayOnTime. In this phase, you don’t have to worry about being original. Take everything you want from sources you need and just create a cohesive structure of content.

Once you’re done, you can use the tool to get custom-paraphrased content. These writers are specialized in writing essays and assignments that won’t be detected as plagiarized by the best anti-plag tools.

  • The second method with which you can paraphrase online is using a manual delivery of sources.

You pick the topic, send the sources and the requirements and the paraphrase tool will generate a completely new essay, article or assignment help that you need.These writers all have extensive experience in rephrasing and correctly phrasing any sentence from an acclaimed source.

How to write the best essays in the most effective way?

How to know which method to use in which situation? It’s simple. Check the deadline for your assignment first. If you have enough time and you want to practice your writing, we advise you to use the first method.

Not only will you learn something, but you will also get significant input about the way the material is formed. By reading the sources while copying them to your essay, you can also prepare for a possible oral exam or a test.

Many professors don’t have premade tests. Instead, they give out assignments and use the information they’ve read in your paper for the test. It’s a great way to test your knowledge and to save time on thinking of questions for the test.

If your time is running out, you should use the second version of the paraphrase generator. Gather all the sources you need; define a structure and you will have your essay completed in no time. However, we would advise you to leave some time after wards to read the essay and memorize the key points.

Not many high school and college students know this, but a professor or teacher has every right to question you about your essay if they suspect you’ve cheated. Prepare yourself in case they get suspicious of your low plagiarism percentage. Besides, if they see you actually know your stuff, you will gain their respect.

The main features of using a paraphrase generator

  • Proofreading 

If you send a completed essay or assignment, the paraphrase tool can also use the service of an editor to perform proofreading services and correct any mistakes. It’s a great way to check if your grammar is okay, all while avoiding plagiarism.

  • Paraphrase software academic writing

Academic discourse can be notoriously hard to paraphrase because some things can’t be said differently. Expert writers from multiple fields will simplify, paraphrase and extend on any source. They know the ways around algorithms and can help you avoid problems.

  • Sentence paraphrase generator

Can’t remember an exact synonym to complete a sentence? No worries, this rephrase tool can help you get the best possible synonym for the shorter and longer sentence. You will also get examples of the same content in real-time web results.

  • Synonymizer

Single words are the hardest type of content to paraphrase.

Use the tool to get the best choices for paraphrasing and the context in which they’re used. There is nothing worse than placing a word that doesn’t belong in an essay.

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