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When writing an academic paper, you will extract information from different sources. If you quote any author, mentioning the source is important to avoid plagiarism. Many students struggle to keep up with referencing or citation guidelines. Especially if they are unsure about the correct format. Depending on the citation style you choose, you might have to add bibliography or mention each source as a footnote. This is where a Chicago reference generator can help.

The Chicago reference style is more complex as compared to the APA and MLA formats. Ensuring that you cited each textbook or journal you used once you complete the paper can be a hassle. This is why students in Sydney, Australia seek assistance with citations. Using an online generator can make your life easier. It lets you adhere to Chicago reference system.

How Does a Chicago Reference Generator Work?

A majority of students are unfamiliar with Chicago style citations. You need to look for a Chicago referencing example, so you can add references correctly. The easiest option is using our online reference tool. But, how does this generator work? Well, the best thing is that it will do all the work for you within seconds. Our tool will find the reference for you, including name, edition and year of publication.

Here is an overview of the steps involved in using a generator:

  • Conduct a search by selecting the format of your paper

For instance, you have to specify the writing style you adopted for the document. Depending on the extent of your research, you might have to add citations for dozens of books or papers. Naturally, the last thing you want is to keep track of each author whose work you source, as it takes your attention away from the writing.

  • Select each source you want to add references to and the tool will cite them for you

Keep in mind that your professor or teacher might require you to include a specific number of sources. Besides this, you can count on the Chicago referencing generator to complete a task automatically.

  • Enjoy quick results

Once you add sources, the tool will generate a bibliography that you can simply add to your paper. A great thing is that the tool will generate references according to the guidelines of the Chicago system.

Despite the accuracy and efficacy of the essay generator, you can use it free of charge. Give credit to each author or researcher whose work you used for writing your paper, which also lends credence to your work. In other words, you can kill two birds with one stone, i.e. escape the risk of plagiarism and improve the authenticity of your research paper.

How to Use Our Chicago Reference Generator for Academic Purposes

No need to copy and paste sources when writing an academic paper when using our Chicago reference generator. As mentioned above, the process of adding citations with Chicago style tool is as easy as ABC. You already have to deal with many requirements when completing your assignments. It’s no wonder that style and format are a part of academic writing that students dislike the most.

Main Features of Chicago Style Paper Formatting

There are two main types of citations under Chicago referencing system, namely Author & Date, and Bibliography & Notes. Generally, students submitting humanities-related papers choose bibliography and notes structure. This is where they cite each source they use as a numbered footnote, within a distinct bibliography. The idea behind using this style of referencing is to incorporate sources where information related to the author and date is not available.

The Author & Date system, as the title implies, requires students to mention the last name of the author along with the year of publication within the text. The bibliography should have a corresponding entry for each reference you add in-text.


There you have it, an overview of how a Chicago reference generator works and the way it makes life easier for students.

The information shared here may make you feel frustrated even more. But the bottom line is that you should use an automatic generator and save yourself the hassle.

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