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Tuition for International Students in Australia

15 Aug 2018University Life

Tuition for International Students in Australia

Australia is a popular destination for high school graduates all over the world who want to study abroad; unfortunately, it is very expensive to study there.

Don't panic just yet, though! While studying in Australia might be expensive, there are several scholarship opportunities for qualified students.

Cost of Tuition for International Students in Australia

Cost of Tuition for International Students in Australia

Tuition in Australian universities is based on the amount of units taken by a student. Two semesters count as eight units.

A bachelor's degree is 24 units and a postgraduate degree is 12 units, and degrees range from $15,000 to $30,000 depending on the university.

The costs for postgraduate degrees can be significantly higher than undergraduate degrees, with tuition fees starting at $20,000 and running as high as $37,000. Tuition fees for doctorates vary widely, with a range from $14,000 to $37,000.

On top of tuition, many universities charge a Student Services and Amenities Fee, which can run as high as $294. Before you apply to a university in Australia, ask whether or not you will have to pay this fee.

International Scholarships

Australian Scholarships for International Students

If paying tuition seems like an overly daunting task, the Australian government offers several different scholarships for promising, young academics.

The Australia Awards Scholarship is awarded to students from the Indo-Pacific rim by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It is typically awarded to students seeking a technical education. Benefits include full tuition payments, paid air travel, a living stipend, and paid health care.

Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship Awards is for postgraduate students studying in any academic discipline. Those awarded this scholarship receive tuition assistance, a travel allowance, as well as medical and travel insurance.

The International Postgraduate Research Scholarships program is for young academics wanting to become research assistants in Australia. This program covers tuition and health care costs.

Also, the full list of international scholarships in Australia you can find in our blog post.

Work and Study in Australia

Work and Study in Australia

If you are unable to get a scholarship, it is also possible to work part-time while you study in Australia depending on the type of visa you receive.

Part-time employees work 20 hours a week, and minimum wage is set at $18.93 per hour. This may seem like a lot of money, but keep in mind that the cost of living is high in Australia.

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