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10 Apr 2019Reviews About Australian Essay Writing Service

The decision to buy a college paper seems to be reasonable under the conditions of overload with a study, part-time job, and personal life. Sometimes another date is much better than another essay. It often ends up with another F paper from another scum provider

Why Is It Not Recommended To Order A Paper At StudyBay provider?

Today, in the middle of the informational era, there is no need to be worried about school deadlines. It is possible to get a paper online at an affordable price which is unique and of high quality. While the opportunity attracts students, it also attracts scammers. They write poor, plagiarized or off-topic research papers often with formatting problems. Would you pay $150 for a research paper that can damage your school progress? I guess, no.

How to recognize a scum service?

When it comes to the choice of service, it is necessary to be very picky. StudyBay review shows which service NOT to use. Is StudyBay legal? The best option to check the writing service in australia is to order one test essay and evaluate the result. But, you dont need to test our service because we deliver the best quality papers.

For example, if you would like to visit a conference on electronics and technologies in Japan, which would boost your knowledge base, motivation, communication, and other skills, this option is better, then spending another weekend with books studying and writing research works. In this situation, it was reasonable to order a review at and enjoy the holiday.

Why does StudyBay seem suspicious?

The homepage is stylish and attractive. No matter how absurd this may seem, the better the design, the higher the chances of getting expensive and poorly written work. Studybay provider has a stylish homepage and cheap prices meaning they don’t cut expenses on design but cut it on writers. Think about who would agree to write a creative paper for $3 per page within a deadline in four hours? It would not be an MSc graduate who knows three languages like it’s stated on the website.

How does $12 per page turn into $80 per five-page paper?

By ordering a five-page essay on technology, the topic is The Future of VR Glasses, every newcomer should go through an inconvenient and confusing process. First, it is necessary to fill in a few forms to check the price. Then you have to fill in more forms and receive two messages per second from writers, who are bidding for the right to complete your order. It is obvious that the bidding process is automized and there are chat-bots instead of real writers. After receiving twenty bids in one minute, you would want to hire a random writer and avoid looking through the profiles of each.

Five-page The Future of VR Glasses essay costs $80-90 which is at least twice as expensive as it is stated on the homepage. Why would they raise the price? Unfortunately, this is not the last unpleasant surprise. It is necessary to pay right after placing the order, not after receiving the completed paper. When it comes to the payment page, the final price appears to include some extra $20 for “service commission”. The description of the payment says “If for any reason you are not satisfied with the assignment which you have received, we will refund you.” There are more questions than answers in this phrase, for example:

  • Would the quality be automatically bad without those extra $20?
  • Why does the service charge more money as a refund guarantee?  
  • What exactly will they refund? The full price or only $20?
  • How is it possible to avoid the fee?
  • What does the promo code do?

Customer support service

At this point, it would be reasonable to contact a technical representative and do another part of Studybay provider review. The representative responds quickly. She seemed to be ignorant and have no idea about an extra $20. They have tried to explain that “The service fee is the payment to Studybay for our services. The services include but are not limited to ensuring the security of the transactions, technical maintenance of the file servers and web platform, and customer support. ” It doesn’t explain why a person should pay for it separately and why is it contradictive to what is stated on the website?

The evaluation of a test paper

Studybay service provider has finished the college essay on-time. As expected, the quality was poor, the word choice is awkward, the structure is inappropriate, and the information is irrelevant. They have concentrated on video games while it was necessary to overview every spare of possible usages in education, training, and medicine. The essay was written from scratch and was not plagiarized. As a result, you can get a five-page paper with poor formatting, content, and word choice for $80. Yes, it is not plagiarized and delivered on time, but it is way more expensive than mentioned on the homepage and not even close to the initial requirements.

Bottom line

Like many other scum services, is not professional, expensive, and disappointing. It can please a non-Australian student who needs D just to close the subject. Otherwise, there is no apparent reason to pay $80 for poor quality and poor service.

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