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How to Prepare for IELTS Essay Writing: Short Overview

23 May 2017

Non-native English-speakers intending to study, work or live in Australia are required to determine their language skills level according to the International English Language Testing System, commonly known as IELTS. If you are taking this exam, you should know that it includes four parts. This article is devoted to only one tested skill. We will explain how to prepare if you would like to immigrate to Australia.

How To Prepare For IELTS Essay Writing

Academic and General Training IELTS Essay Writing

IELTS essay writing differs for enrollees and job applicants. Those who want to study in Australian secondary or higher educational establishments demonstrate their academic readiness while employees are assessed within the general training variant of the exam.

Both categories are asked to create a unique and useful 250-word essay plus describe a diagram or formulate a letter.

Time for the performing assignments is 40-60 minutes. Is it enough to create an essay from the scratch, if English is not your native language? Foreigners believe that it is definitely not. Teachers agree that an hour is an optimum time for essay written tasks, if candidates for the IELTS certificate have a fluent command of English.

IELTS General Writing Tips To Help Candidates

IELTS general writing tips will help you prepare and direct your efforts to the right track. Go ahead and familiarize with IELTS writing tips for general training and academic writing:

  • Expand English words knowledge. Master everyday language and study special professional terminology. Learn special words lists, which are available in the Internet.
  • Practice grammar and spelling. Mistakes lower your score.
  • Develop fast-writing skills. You can google written assignments of previous years and do them one by one. It helps remember the correct structure and prepare to IELTS essays writing.
  • Learn different types of essays. Opinion essays are frequent. There are tasks with mixed types as well. If you know not much on how to prepare for IELTS essay writing, the first thing to do is reading many assignments to understand their distinguishing features.
  • Find somebody to check your achievements. General tips are helpful only in case you are ready to study. Our recommendation is get essay help or assistance online. Find a companion who will train you, ask questions, check vocabulary progress. At the same time, you will do this favor for him or her. Such double control works perfect.
  • Enhance your score up to 7.0. Australian immigration authorities have been using IELTS since May 1998. Rules say that independent migrants must show at least 7.0 points-proficiency in English.
  • Keep in mind how 250 words of your handwriting looks. You will not have time to count during the test.
  • Consult the rights holders. All rights belong to IDP: IELTS Australia and two other organizations. That’s why turn to official websites in order to get the latest news on the test.
  • Leave a few minutes to proofread the text. Do not underestimate proofreading. A very small percentage of people can do tasks ideally at once.

Writing an IELTS paper is your ticket to Australia in a literal and figurative sense. Gain some practical experience at special courses, in manuals or Internet libraries. Good luck and see you soon!

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