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How to Avoid Plagiarism. Part 3. Creating Original Content

19 Oct 2018Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoid Plagiarism Part 3

1. Understand your topic.

Read as much as you can on the topic you will be writing about. Combine ideas from different sources. This will help you develop your own opinion and avoid presenting someone else’s concepts.

Be wise choosing the sources to read. Do not forget that information from the open-access sources on the Internet can be very unreliable.

Therefore, always check before you use any ideas from the Internet.

2. Brainstorm.

Start preparing your essay by writing down all ideas that come to your mind regarding the topic. Do not worry if some of the ideas seem silly to you.

Sometimes supposedly irrelevant ideas come in handy and help you to look at the topic from a different perspective. This helps you to find a unique approach to the subject and guarantees you a plagiarism-free text.

3. Make an outline of your paper.

Look at the ideas you wrote down in the previous step. Now combine and arrange them in a logical order, and then make a plan that will consist of:

  • an introduction;
  • your arguments;
  • a conclusion.

The outline helps you organize the information you gather. It can also indicate which parts of your paper are good and which of them require some further reading.

4. Choose the best sources to maintain your point.

Think of the sources that can support your ideas. Divide them into primary and secondary sources. Depending on the field, the range of the importance of the sources will be different.

For instance, a paper in history will be better supported by a first hand account rather than a book by a historian discussing the account.

On the other hand, a reference to the description of a psychological experiment and some statistical data would be a better choice for a social sciences student.

5. Don’t start working at the last minute.

Dedicate enough time to your paper so that you don’t have to come up with original ideas in haste. Start your writing well in advance before the deadline.

This way you will have enough time to process the information you gathered and check it for plagiarism. You can also rely on professional help from writers and editors at

The sooner you ask for help, the more time you’ll have to familiarize yourself with your project. Do not neglect the services of our specialists with vast amounts of experience in different fields.

6. Use plagiarism checkers wisely.

If you are a diligent writer who has created a paper from scratch, you are much less likely to be accused of plagiarism. However, some schools may use plagiarism checkers to ensure that there are no stolen ideas in submitted papers.

Do not solely rely on this technology. Different free online plagiarism checkers may miss plagiarism. At papers are checked by a premium proprietary plagiarism checker which ensures uniqueness of the texts.

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