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Top Business Research Paper Topics | Popular Ideas for 2019

08 May 2019Academic Topics

You thought you were ready for the major business research project. But somehow, you got stuck at the very first step: choosing a topic. You tried the common techniques of brainstorming and preliminary research paper help, but you didn’t get any good ideas for business research topics.

There’s nothing wrong with you! The process of choosing a topic is not easy. Your idea should inspire you to write, but it should also lead to a unique thesis statement.

We can help! We’ll give you tips on academic writing, as well as ideas for business research questions, so you can get great help from our essay writing service!

5 Reasons Why Business Research Paper Topics Matter

Why should you bother with business research paper ideas, anyway? Can’t you go for the first thing that comes to your mind?

Oh, topics matter more than you assume.

  • An interesting topic turns the assignment into a learning experience. You’ll be excited to research and find out more about the issue.
  • Good business topics for research paper give you focus on particular ideas. When you make the right choice, you’ll easily write the outline and the entire coursework.
  • If the topic is too general, you won’t be able to write a focused essay. If you tried writing a paper on the topic “leadership,” you’d have so many points to cover that you’d have to write a series of books. But the topic shouldn’t be too narrow, either. In that case, you wouldn’t have enough to write about.
  • An unusual topic will make you stand out among other students.
  • A great choice of topic will add value to the business community. You’ll research issues and provide solutions that businesses could implement.

How to Do a Business Research Paper Successfully

If you follow specific steps and you start on time, you won’t have much trouble writing the paper. We’ll give you the instructions. You only need to follow them!

  1. Choose your focus. You can get inspired by suggestions of business management research topics and and psychology research topics. But you can also conduct an online search by focusing on a theme you like. If you’re into leadership, you can explore different concepts and choose the one you like the most.
  2. Collect information. This is a research project, so you have to spend time exploring resources. Use only reliable sources of information and check your facts twice before using them in the paper. Don’t forget to reference!
  3. Write your outline. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to complete a focused paper.
  4. You must never avoid editing. It’s the stage that separates outstanding from mediocre academic writing.
  5. If you get stuck at any stage the writing process, hire a service that assigns professional writers to students’ projects.

30 Business Research Topics of Utmost Importance in the 21st Century

International Business Research Topics

  1. Corporate crime penalties: The difference between U.S. and EU regulations
  2. How smoking-free policies would affect the world economy
  3. The changes Millennials made to the hiring process on a global level
  4. Should businesses promote their charity activities in Africa?
  5. How feminism makes a difference in entrepreneurship
  6. Monopolies in the 21st century: how they damage market economy
  7. Is the free market a realistic concept?
  8. Acquisitions vs. mergers: advantages and disadvantages
  9. Challenges of the international market: why do many companies fail to expand?
  10. Green energy for modern companies: is it cost-effective?

Small Business Research Topics

  1. Brick-and-mortar stores vs. social media sales: what’s more effective for a small business?
  2. Most beneficial policies that support small businesses around the world
  3. Market research: the potential for a boutique perfume shop in Phoenix, Arizona
  4. What’s the minimum estimate cost for starting an online retail business in the USA?
  5. The startup trend: is it going to last?
  6. Why overqualification is an issue for small business HR managers
  7. How family-owned businesses deprive young people from their own dreams
  8. The psychological effects of marketing on customer behavior
  9. How motivational speeches impact staff productivity
  10. Social media marketing for organizations: is it necessary in the contemporary business environment?

Business Leadership

  1. Active listening as an essential element of business communication
  2. Labor exploitation from a leader’s point of view
  3. Sexual harassment in the modern workplace
  4. The evolution of corporate culture
  5. The effect of ethical leadership principles on business decisions
  6. Burn-out - excessive work that affects the company on all levels
  7. How healthy lifestyle promotion contributes to effective leadership
  8. Gender inequality in the modern workplace
  9. Should workplace diversity be a rule in all organizations?
  10. How leadership strategies affect management


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