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08 Apr 2017Reviews About Australian Essay Writing Service

Studying can be rough and demanding. If you’re a college student, chances are you’ve come across the dilemma of having to skip one class to finish work for another. With hectic schedules and almost no time to do anything, I was left feeling frazzled and spent - plus too exhausted to deal with all the requirements for my History essay. Review: Online Essay Writing Company

Now, it may come as a surprise to you that there are services that exist to do your assignment writing for you, but there are! One such service I used is

My Review on

Upon visiting the AustralianWritings site, I was greeted with the brand’s crisp indigo, orange, and green color scheme. While those aren’t the colors I would have chosen, they work fairly well in with the web design, which generally makes for a good impression. The company boasts, “Students return to us again and again for our quality, reliable, and affordable essay services.” To see if this really was the case, I decided to place an order for a custom essay. Read on to find out how that went! Review: Online Essay Writing Company

Before I get to the big reveal, let’s talk in my review about some other aspects of the Australian Writings website and service.


While tout themselves as having “quality services at cheap, student prices,” I found that my order for a four-page essay on American History with 10-days urgency and standard quality - the lowest urgency and quality available - would cost me $79.96 AUD. That’s awfully high for a website that claims to offer student prices. Review: Online Essay Writing Company

However, there is an option to get 20% off with australian writings discount code for your first essay, so that’s nice. But even with that, their price range is not an average rate:

  • Standard: starting from $19.99 per page
  • Premium: starting from $21.99 per page
  • Platinum: starting from $24.99 per page

Customer Support

AustralianWritings customer support at works in the form of live chat, email support, and phone. When checking your order out, there is the option of allowing them to call you even in the night just in case an emergency happens. However, when I tried calling them at around 11 PM after I didn’t get a response to my email, I had to wait enough time to fall asleep.

Customer Feedback

As on any other website, reviews and feedback available on the website is glowingly positive. A quick web search showed that there have been more negative than positive ones, including one from 2014 when someone claimed that their order was plagiarized off an existing paper and customer service refused to help. I wish I had searched for reviews before I placed the order!

- Average Rating

3 / 5 stars reviews available on the website is glowingly positive, but a quick web search showed that there have been more negative than positive ones.

Information about the Writers

According to AustralianWritings “Our Writers” page, the site’s writers are “easily the best in Australia”, ergo, they have graduated from college or university, or preferably have Master’s degrees or PhD’s. They do this “because I believe that only highly-educated people should be trusted to write my essays fast”. While this is nice, there’s no real information about the writers - where they’re based, or who they are.


The paper I received was mostly satisfactory, which is good considering I ordered the lowest-quality essay they had available. Customer support was slow, with rather bad communication, definitely not over-the-top. There seem to be no major grammatical or spelling errors, but while running the paper through online plagiarism checker it showed some signs of plagiarism. Thankfully, not a critical level. Review: Online Essay Writing Service

My biggest gripe is the price. The quality isn’t phenomenal, as that isn’t what I paid for, but for $80 AUD, I was expecting something a bit more. While the Australian Writings service is overall not the worst one, I feel that a huge factor that would prevent potential customers from making the purchase is the price for the quality.

Another thing to note is that none of their samples have sources cited, which really takes away credibility. Overall, while the service might check out as a time-savior, I’m positive there are better services out there that cost less and bring higher grades.

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