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Why study in Australia? Perks of the Australian Education System and The Country

08 Oct 2018University Life

Sooner or later, most of the students give up on the thoughts of having adventurous and truly memorable studying years. We all embrace the fact that at the end of the day, we have to choose between studying and having fun - and it seems normal.

But what if it’s a misconception? For me, the most memorable experience that has certainly proved that there is no need to choose between fun and actual studying was the experience of studying abroad.

And not just abroad. In Australia.

Reason #1 - The education is really good

Australian education might not stand out as much on the global level as American or English one but it’s still awesome, and there are many courses to choose from. In fact, Australian institutes constantly take upper positions in worldwide university’s rating. The top schools are Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney. These names look great on CVs and really mean a lot worldwide.

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Australian education was ranked in top-10 for reading, science, and mathematics. 33 The universities have gotten to the QS World University Rating which is one of the most prestigious ratings of universities worldwide.

Reason #2 - It’s not like you might have seen on TV

But it also kind of is, and that’s just the most awesome part about the country. Whenever you see Australia in movies or shows, it’s often this deserted place which is full of danger and not so full of people. So, good news. Australia is full of awesome people - you get a different outlook on the usual things on every corner. It’s not a desert.

But it can be if that’s what you are looking for. When I remember my studying years, I don’t even remember the university itself (even though it was awesome but wait till I get there) but the great hikes on Australian nature. If you are looking for adventures, you will find them here.

Reason #3 - Student visa is very easy to open

When I was choosing universities abroad, I started with picking countries and schools, obviously. You’d be surprised to find out how many good opportunities were turned down just because the process of getting a visa was impossible.

In Australia, luckily, it’s not the case at all. Comparing to the amount of paperwork in Europe or the US, the country is just a blessing. The process is fast and Australians are very supportive during the procedure.

Reason #4 - English language

For some students, going to a country where locals speak something other than English is a goal. They want to practice a language, get knowledge, embrace a new culture. If you are one of them - well, congratulations. But way more students are wary about going to study abroad exactly because of this language factor.

Reason #5 - The educational system is similar to the American one

Australians have governmental and private universities. Those financed by the government provide more general education and are usually cheaper. Private education is specialized and costs more than governmental.

The cost of education depends on the status of a university and a major - just like everywhere. For instance, the average cost of studying in one of the most prestigious universities, Australian National University, is $24,000 AUS (£15,700 GBP) for one year.

In most cases, they are right. When you study abroad, it’s not just about having basic speaking skills. You are supposed to understand courses, earn grades, communicate with professors and classmates who can help you if you ask do my assignment for me, get work experience. In Australia, this massive roadblock is removed. If you speak English, you will fit in. Sure, it might take some time to get used to the accent but you’ll make it work in less than a month.

Reason #6 - You can receive vocational training

If you want to become a professional in manual labor, Australia is a great country to go to. It’s known to be one of the strongest destinations for professional vocational training which prepares technicians, trade, and craft professionals in assignment help online.

It’s extremely demanded on a job market so you will definitely not have a problem with finding a job. The courses and assignments are truly practical - you learn what you need.

Australian Educational System and The Country

This is how you can become a qualified professional in Australia

Reason #7 - Work opportunities are around (very good opportunities)

If you have talked to many students who had the experience of studying abroad, the recurring problem is the difficulty with finding serious work possibilities if you are not a citizen of the company.

In Australia, it’s not the case. Big companies are offering a lot of internships (yes, even the paid ones) directed only to international students. If you walked in any company’s office and got them interested in hiring you, they are not likely to be scared with visa challenges. In Australia, it’s not a problem.

Before you start packing to Australia

Studying in Australia will be definitely one of the most memorable experiences in your life. It’s not always going to be easy or familiar but it’ll be fun. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed with all the cultural and climate differences but in the end, it’s always worth it.

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