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How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper

16 May 2019
A research essay introduction is one of the most important parts of a project, although it is often one of the places students put the least time and effort. Although other sections of a scholarly paper, such as hypothesis and research methods, are vital, a less obvious yet essential part is the intro. When first starting to write a paper, take time to write a superior introduction using the tips below to set yourself apart from the others. read more

How To Write a Thesis - Quick Guide

16 Apr 2019
read more

Who Should Do My Research Paper?

10 Dec 2017
Who should do my research paper? This is the question daily asked by millions of students from all around the world! In fact, unlike completing such simple tasks as a quiz or writing a less complicated type of work like an essay, handling a research paper is quite difficult and can become a real headache for many of you, especially of you lack writing skills or knowledge of the topic. read more

What To Do If You Need Help With Writing A GCSE Coursework

12 Oct 2017
Creating a good coursework for GCSE is difficult, and it puts lots of pressure on a student because of the seriousness and complexity of this task, and that is why so many pupils need help with writing a GCSE coursework! read more

Writing A Book Report For 5th Grade

23 Jun 2017
Many pupils get frustrated when they have to write a 5th-grade book report because of two main aspects: 1) almost every fifth grader doesn’t like reading; 2) they rarely can handle such tasks themselves and usually require some assistance. read more

How to Write an Outline for a Term Paper: Theory & Practice

31 May 2017
Academic curricula of Australian universities always include a term paper written by students during studying on a certain course. Students take a challenge to do some research work and describe preparations for it, the progress and gained outcomes. Every step that assignees take should be presented in an outline. How to write an outline for a term paper? This is the issue that is discussed in this article. read more

What is the Format for Writing a Case Study: Overview

15 May 2017
A case study is a popular method of analysis used in teaching business, nursing, management, economics, etc. in Australia.  It is a good help with assignment explore a situation (i.e., a case) and find practical solutions as the result of collective brainstorming. But many MBA-students consider this method complicated and wonder how to solve a case study format puzzles. read more

Top-10 Coursework Writing Tips for Australian Students

05 Apr 2017
Coursework writing is an important part of curricula. This assignments help students summarize and deepen their knowledge in a certain subject. Teachers, in their own turn, have the possibility to see whether students understand the course or not. read more

How to Write an MLA Research Paper on Stories of Sherlock Holmes

28 Mar 2017
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created an immortal character of the outstanding inscrutable detective Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock’s birth in literature is dated by 1887, but he still remains popular. Many modern Australian college and university studies are devoted to the theme of the fabulous detective stories. Today’s requirements in writing are stricter than ever. So before starting your exploration, learn how to write an MLA research paper on stories of Sherlock Holmes. read more

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